Massage is my prayer

ATM0912128Massage is my sadhana
Experiencing the magic in every move it teaches me patience
shows me how to move beyond routine, beyond boredom
When giving a massage there is no time, no goal, nothing to achieve,
nowhere to go
Just the experience of every single move, performed with grace and awe
as if it is the first and only time

Massage is my meditation
It shows me how to be present
How to surrender
How to move out of the way
In order to let the massage do its work
To let the energy flow
To let the magic happen

Massage is my teacher
It teaches me howATMvoeten to be compassionate
How to see the beauty in every body, every shape and every state
How to treat everybody equally,
Not judge a person by his looks or current state of mind
But to see the potential in every living being
It teaches me how to be humble
It is not about me, it’s about the energy flowing through me
It reminds me to be grateful
for being able to be a tool, a channel for this ancient medicine
With every massage I thank my mother, my father, my teachers and God
without whom I would be nothing
It teaches me how to be responsible
worthy of carrying out this sacred way of healing
by doing the best I can at all times

Massage is my mission
My way to bring healing to this planet

ATMmaja12Massage is my prayer
That every being may love and honor his or her body
That every being may experience to be loved and honored
by the gentle touch of another human being
That no man or woman has to be lonely
That violence will become unnecessary
That shame and guilt will vanish from this planet
That mankind will return to innocence
to happiness and joy
That we may all be healed
liberated from past trauma and hurt
That we may heal the wounds of abandonment and abuse
and return to our natural state of kindness and generosity
That men dare to show their strength
That women dare to show their juiciness and beauty
That we all remember how to express our love for one another
through our bTAO Handprintodies
our movement, our touch and our embrace
That we dare to be playful again
That we dare show ourselves again
Dare shine
Dare express our feelings
our desires, needs and wishes
Honest and free
Safe and held
In the palm of infinity

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