Fuck ‘em

writing10If you try to save a drowning man
and he spits in your face and says: ‘Leave me alone, I have to go through this’
fuck it
let him drown
go for a swim

If you love someone
and climb on the roof to shout it out
and he says: ‘What will the neighbours say?’
fuck it
let him sit on the sofa alone
go for a ride

If you just made the best pancakes ever
and you tell your friend: ‘Taste this!’
and he says: ‘Pancakes are not good for you’
fuck it
share your abundance with someone else

If you are full of passion for your lover
waiting for him with glowing skin, lit candles and rose petals
and when he comes home he says: ‘Not now honey, I had a long day’
fuck it
go dancing

If you know how to cure any disease
and you tell your sick friend: ‘I know how to cure you’
and he says: ‘Who the fuck you think you are?’
fuck it
write a book

If you are God
and you know how the whole of mankind can be happy
and they say: ‘Leave us alone, we want to do it ourselves’
fuck ‘em
go meditate
and be blissful by yourself

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