I love money

I love money

I love people who know how to make money

by doing what they love

What they are good at

And through that help other people

And contribute to a better world


I feel sorry for people who suffer most of their lives

because they truly believe they cannot exit the matrix

People who believe they have no choice

But to submit to a life that is not serving them in any way

that is not serving others in any way

but is only creating financial security

and often not even that

This way of life comes with such a high price

The price of happiness

Of health

Of joy

Of self-respect

Of innocence

Of integrity

Of freedom


I love money

I love the possibilities it creates

But I despise the system

I despise the matrix

And I feel great contempt for those people

who consciously harm other people

To increase their own wealth

Those people do have a choice

They don’t have to do it


I feel deeply sorry for the people in this world

Who don’t have a choice

Who are in circumstances that force them to submit

In order to survive

For their children to survive

Victims of violence

Victims of abuse

Victims of exploitation


Some people say:

‘It’s all up to you

Everybody can be rich

Everybody can be free

You just have to believe in it’

But it’s not fair to say that

As it’s just not true

It’s not just believing in it

It’s also having the opportunity

It’s being lucky

It’s being smart

It’s being strong

It’s being creative

It’s being courageous

It’s getting help


It’s not that easy

Not for everyone

Not for the mother who endures a life of boredom and routine

Sometimes even violence and abuse

To keep the children safe

Because there’s nowhere to go

No family to support her

No friends to go to

No village to protect her


Not for the man who has to provide for a family

Who has to work in a job that he hates

But who doesn’t have or doesn’t see any way out

And is ashamed just by the thought of quitting


Not for the soldier whose only chance to educate himself

To get a job

To get a driver’s license

To get a girl

To belong somewhere

To be safe

is through joining the army

And only realizes he made a mistake

When he’s a veteran with one leg


Don’t judge too fast

Many men and women don’t have an option

Even if you say so


When you try to exit the matrix

There will be counter forces

That will fight you

The more you insist

The more they will fight you

We all know that

You might lose everything

even your life

In the battle to become free


I honor the people

Who live in a reality where they have to submit

Where they cannot express themselves

Where they cannot manifest their dreams

but who still carry their burden with grace

Who still make the best of it

Who find moments of joy in the prison they are in

Who create moments of peace

Who accept what they believe to be their fate

Who care

Who dance

Who share

But at the same time, I can’t do it

I can’t accept this to be my fate

And it breaks my heart to see

So many people in slavery


You say you left the system

But did you really?

Are you dancing on the corpses of your ancestors

Or are you really free?

Do you just want to look cool

In your heated van

With Tibetan prayer flags

On top of that mountain

With your fancy hiking shoes

In that hammock

With your polished toe nails

In that epic yoga pose

Showing how holy and lean you are

With that amazing backdrop

Sunset on the beach

Looking so cool

Or are you really free?


Are you for real?

Or are you just playing the game of leaving the matrix

Because you know you can always go back

You always have a place in the matrix

to come home to

You have your credit card safely hidden away

in a secret pocket of your backpack

While you live your so called liberated life


If you have a system backup

A matrix backup

Is that real freedom?


Taking advantage of your privileges is not the same as leaving the matrix

Opportunism is not the same as freedom

Do you even realize how lucky you are

To be born in a wealthy country

With freedom of religion, freedom of speech

To be smart

To be healthy

To be able to read and write

To have all the self-help books on your bookshelf

on your iPad

on your computer

Do you realize how lucky you are to be on Facebook

on Instagram

on Twitter

Inspired by all these wise and wicked people from all over the world

Do you know how lucky you are to have access to education

to have done all these courses that helped you grow


You could do this because you were not hungry

Because you lived in a comfortable house

Because you had a family

Because you were loved

Because you were not forced to survive

Like so many of us


You are one of the privileged

Please use your privileges well

Don’t judge other people

But serve other people

Don’t consider yourself better than others

Or more spiritual

Be grateful for your luck

For the blessings that came your way

The help you got

to set yourself free

Now show the way

So the rest of the world can follow

Then and only then

You will truly be free











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