How to have a pain free period

The other day I spoke to a girl who was in rage with her doctor, because he had refused her a hysterectomy. ‘Can you believe it?’ she fumed. ‘He says I’m too young! Another man, another ignorant bastard who thinks he has the right to decide over MY body! He has no idea how excruciating my period pains are. For years now! If he’d only … Lees verder How to have a pain free period

Blessings by the Buddhist Boss

HOW TO WRITE HISTORY – September 16th, 2018 The Dalai Lama. This might have been his last talk in Europe. He’s 84 years old. A little, endearing man in a red robe and bare right arm with flapping skin, famous for his contagious giggle. 5000 Tibetans came to Ahoy in Rotterdam yesterday, to say goodbye to their leader on this sunny late summer Sunday. There … Lees verder Blessings by the Buddhist Boss