The womb – the temple of the Dreamtime

Long ago, when mankind was not yet identified with the body, there was no fear of death. Dying was considered a rite of passage, a journey to another dimension where the soul stayed intact. Nothing was really lost. Birth and death were portals where we stepped from one reality into another. The womb was honored as a sacred temple, an oracle, the only place in … Lees verder The womb – the temple of the Dreamtime

Ayahuascian visions

‘I had a vision’, said the director in a solemn voice. ‘I saw you working in my healing centre, fulfilling an important role in our mission to cure chronically ill people. You belong here, I just know. Mother Ayahuasca never makes mistakes.’ ‘I’ll decide that for myself’, I thought. I’d never done an ayahuasca ritual myself and was skeptical about his vision, but otherwise the … Lees verder Ayahuascian visions