The Downward Path – How low can you go?

What if we got it all wrong? What if the spiritual path is not upward, but downward? What if the ultimate goal is not to finally open Sahasrara, but to finally open Muladhara, once you’ve mastered the 6 stages before? What if the first stage of our spiritual development is not Muladhara, but Sahasrara? Maybe we have to work through our upper chakras first in … Lees verder The Downward Path – How low can you go?

Intermezzo: Chateau Anand

If you zoom in on this place on Google maps (latitude: 46.65528, longitude: 0.91362 or: Puygirault, St Pierre de Maille, France) you immediately see it: this is no ordinary place. Surrounded by forests and fields you see the contours of a pink castle with its round towers, flanking the river l’Anglin. It looks like a fairytale, hidden deep inside the French countryside. Looking closer the … Lees verder Intermezzo: Chateau Anand